Why was this version of the Bible written?

At the age of 18, Lawrence McKinney Graff joined the Air Force, serving our country for four years. In 1958, he returned home and re-entered college. In 1959, he married Loretta, his beautiful wife of over 50 years. Loretta led Lawrence to the Saviour, showing him the Way. They started their marriage serving Jesus together. Lawrence graduated from college in 1962 and started his 40-year career in the decidedly un-seminarian field of analytical chemistry. But the skills of analysis and research would soon come to benefit him in his search for the true Bible as those early Christians knew it, and how they knew our Saviour.

Lawrence was not raised in a home that emphasized the Bible, but after marrying his devout Christian wife Loretta, and attending Church together, he grew to love the Bible dearly as he read about the Saviour in the New Testament. During this time, Lawrence came to Believe that Jesus was surely Revealed in the Old Testament as well. He began to study Isaiah 40:3 in the original Hebrew text, "The Voice crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of YHWH." Later, Lawrence discovered this is the meaning of the Saviour's Sacred Name, Yehoshua (literally "YHWH Saviour").

Following this, Lawrence became determined to share this glorious fact with the world. But, to fully be able to do this, he needed to study the Scriptures in the original Biblical Hebrew and Greek languages at seminary, thereby learning to translate the Scriptures himself to obtain their full meaning - their best meaning. The motto taught and shared with students at the seminary stated, "If you can translate, you will never be fooled again. You will KNOW." Lawrence took this to heart and went to the original Hebrew and Greek to know for himself what the Scriptures Reveal about our Saviour.

Lawrence realized that what was needed was a Bible complete in the Sacred Name. He then began a many years journey of research and translating in order to bring forth these Truths, and in 1996 obtained the copyright for The Book of YHWH© - The Golden Bridge Bible©, complete in the Sacred Name, from Genesis to Revelation. This Bible was then published in a small run, with hundreds in print.

Now, the latest updated and revised version of this Bible is complete, The First Century Bible - The Book of YHWH©. (Copyright 2014)

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