Video Discussions of the First Century Bible©

Video 1-3 - Explained fully in John's Gospel, Chapter 1, Verse 18. Now we know Who that Person was, the One seen in the Old Testament.

Video 2-5F - He became flesh as we are, always touched by our needs, our human condition, regardless!

Video 3-7F - The Trinity, believed in the New Testament Church, is based upon Scripture, Old and New Testaments.

Video 4-8 - At the Burning Bush, Exodus 3, Moses was given this Commandment - never rescinded. We cannot know our Saviour fully without this Name.

Video 5-10F - An Exhortation, Direction, to Confess as the Apostle Peter did, about our Saviour.

Video 6-11 - Many definitions of the word Gospel today, Paul's in Second Corinthians is the most wonderful, most complete.

Video 7-12 - The First Century Church taught and believed that it was Jesus (Yehoshua) that led Israel out of Egypt, and into the Promised Land. It is true.

Video 8-13 - Looking for that Blessed Hope, the Return of our Saviour. Acts 1, as you have seen Him go, He shall so come in like manner! The Exhortation to us, be prepared.

Video 9-14F - The End Time Teaching continues in this Video. And is completed in Video 15.

Video 10-15 - The New Jerusalem. As Ezekiel describes it, "YHWH is there".

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